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| October 2017 |
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- Stacey
Happy October! Time to pull out your creative side and start planning some fun activities and cool costumes for your
little ones. Growing up in the mid-west this was always my favorite time of year, and it still is here in Florida. The
weather is getting cooler, people are in a festive mood decorating their homes and preparing for all the family fun that
awaits us as we come closer to the end of the year.
As you and the family get ready for the fall season, remember if doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m sure your children
may have a costume in mind that they just have to be, but you don’t have to go out and buy that Spiderman or Wonder
Woman costume, look in the closet you probably have a red shirt, and get face paint and make your props, it’s cheaper
than a costume they will wear once and a fun activity to do together. Meagan Ruffing also has many ideas in her article
Costumes on a Dime. Also be sure to read Christina Katz article, Simplify Your Halloween and Savor Every Spooky
I know many of us are just waiting for the end of the month so we can take down our hurricane shutters, stop stock
piling water, and eat whatever nonperishables we have left, or donate it. It has been one active month to say the least;
hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis all around the world . We have weathered the storms, and what has come out
of this is love and generosity. I’ve enjoyed watching the news and reading social media as everyone shares stories of
heroes and those unsung heroes, everyone helping each other. As we head into the holidays may we continue to put
others first and truly reap the benefits of giving.
--After every storm the rainbow will also seem brighter.
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